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green mama

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The price of happiness

I was going to discuss all the wonderful deals I got at various garage sales this weekend. Somehow, I have lost my steam.

I am a recovering retail whore. There, I said it. It is truly shocking the total 180 that I have done over the last year or so. Admittedly, I have a ways to go still, sometimes I still get that itch. In order to keep myself from running to the nearest mall, I garage sale. I have to tell you I love it. I like all the aspects of it. First and foremost, the bargains, jeez have I ever found some deals. I also like that I am keeping someone else's junk out of the landfill. It is also a much better way of recycling than putting your plastics in that blue bag on the curb. Then when I get tired of it, I just sell it to someone else in a garage sale, and the recycling circle is complete.

I started hitting the yard sales when I was pregnant with E. I like to buy the sort of things that you never can get enough use out of, such as maternity and infant clothing. It is such a waste, and I just cannot justify spending money on a shirt that I may wear a handful of times over a span of nine months. I also like to buy furniture (yes, My Guy hates hates hates that) and toys.

This weekend I happened to find some yummy deals on Lego's, E's obsession. I brought home my goodies and had to throw it all on the back porch because we were running behind on a few obligations that we had on Saturday afternoon. Then this morning E happened to find my stash.


I replied that I would have to wash these toys before she could play with them. She proceeded to follow me around with a red mesh bag full of Lego's.....


Finally, I just had to stop and wash them up. I was hesitant because my original plan was to save these particular Lego's until I found out if L was the mouthy-type. E never really put anything in her mouth, and I am hoping L is the same way. If she is not, the last thing I want strung all over the house are these tiny little bricks. But, it was too late.

I headed to the bathroom sink with E hot on my heels, jangling the bag of Lego's. We filled up the sink with hot soapy water and dumped her treasure in. As we swish them around, my darling daughter looks up at me and says,


My heart soars. Then I am hit with the realization that I am creating a little retail whore. Damn.

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