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green mama

Monday, May 12, 2008

Life savings spent

I called my dear husband on Saturday afternoon after running around all morning, most of which was spent at the local farmer's market.

The market was crazy busy, and lots of goodies there, despite the cooler than normal weather we have been having. The weather has slowed down the produce, but it was still in full swing with lots of plants, soaps, breads, meats, eggs, and more. I snatched up some asparagus right off the bat. I kept seeing these *gorgeous* hanging baskets in every one's hand and had to scope them out right away.

I was looking to add a few more items to the garden, mostly herbs. We got some lovely ones, and at a great price. A totally random purchase was that of some blackberry bushes. We came across them toward the end of the day, and he gave us a great deal on them. The three cherub faces of my daughters and niece helped with that, I think. I am just going to throw them in along the fence and see what happens. We will not have berries until next year, but I think the girls will have fun picking them.

And we ran across a few people with spots still open for their CSA. I am so excited. I spent a pretty penny this week at the Farmer's Market (who knew it could be so dangerous!). The gentleman who runs it was wonderfully accommodating. It is from Danjo Farms, which is the name of the husband and wife team that runs it, Dan and Joanne. How cute is that? This was the first week and we go the last spot. Since it has been so mild here, he didn't have any extra produce, but let us choose some herb plants to start us off on the first week. We will be getting a 12 lb. bushel every Saturday morning. It is filled with various vegetables, that we can modify and specify if we want. I also opted to add a dozen eggs and 3 lbs. of fruit for an extra $288. The price of the CSA dropped $150 because I signed us up to work 12 hours on his farm, which I am sooooo looking forward to.

This should be an awesome way to supplement the haul we are getting out of our own garden. I told him of my canning plans, and he was willing to include extra tomatoes or peppers to help me if I need more ingredients for my sauces and salsas. I am sure that will not be a problem, I have a lot of plants, but I love that it is an option. I cannot wait for next weekend to roll around and see what is in store for us in that bushel basket. I told my dear husband that I had spent our life savings at the Farmer's Market, he just laughed and said he better find another job.....just wait till he finds out! Who cuts a $900.00 check at the Farmer's Market?? Only me.

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