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green mama

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

I stumbled upon this on accident. Last week I was cleaning off the back porch and had drug the trash can outside. Of course, I got distracted with the feeding, changing and such of the kiddos and left our kitchen trash can out on the porch. Dinner time came around and now I am just too lazy to go out and get the trash can, so I spent the night with out my kitchen garbage can.

Let me tell you, I loved it. In my attempt to be more green I am recycling and have started a compose. However, as hard as I try to be noble....sometimes my laziness gets the best of me. The recycling is outside, and sometimes it is just easier to sneak that plastic tab from the milk into the trash can. Or it is just too simple to chuck that little bit of food into the trash. It is just too much to have to open the back door and toss it into the recycling or out to the compose pile. I know, I know, pretty sad.

But, with my trash can outside with the recycling there is *no* temptation to just toss, toss, toss. I consider every piece of garbage, and they all go in their proper place. If you are a lazy recycler/composer try this method for a week or two. Then you will be able to move your trash can back in, but with a new awareness and a good habit. It works for me!

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Jen said...

Wow, how ingenious. I do the very same thing with a little box here, a bit of plastic there.

Thanks for the great perspective!

Kisha said...

This is very true. I have my recycling right next to, actually in front of the garbage can. Your right though it makes it that much easier to recycle.