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green mama

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Which sin is this?

I am looking into purchasing the Baby Safe Feeder. Whole chunks of food go into the feeder and through sucking and chewing, baby makes its own liquefied food. "Safe" in that there are no chunks to choke on. I contacted Designs U-2, Inc. the company that invented these things and requested an ingredient list.

What I got in return was a form letter saying, in summary, that the Baby safe feeder is made in the USA and FDA approved. That it contains no phthalates, BPA, PVC, dyes, or latex.

That's all great but, I am a little confused. In my email I asked for a list of what these things were made of, but what I got was a PR letter about what they don't contain. I do not trust the FDA. Their "approval" does nothing for me. In fact I think that the FDA should be done away with all together, then we would have the personal responsibility to ensure that the things we are giving our children to suck on do not contain chemicals that are cancer-causing. Or that the lotions, creams, and sunscreens that we are lathering on them are not full of parabens and "fragrance" and causing more harm than good. We would know that we are the only ones looking out for ourselves and our children, without some false sense of security that someone else is protecting us.

Oh, in reply I also got washing instructions. They advise washing it with vinegar, so they get bonus points for that I suppose. At least they are not suggesting you dip it in bleach......

So although they are not parading their product as "green", I think anything that you tout as being safe for children should fit that category as well. Why not make the mesh out of organic cotton, instead of polyester?

So, which one? Irrelevance? No Proof? Vagueness?

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