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green mama

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

3 months later....

L started rolling over last week! Now, I know...that is a milestone that most parents look forward too. The pediatrician looks for it as a sign of normal development. It is a requirement for the next step of crawling. However, I was not ready for it and it reeked havoc on my life for a few days. How could such a small thing destroy my world?

I am a fan of most of the hippie principles of child rearing, however, the one I cannot deal with is the "family bed". DH and I will be one of those old couples with the two twin beds.....if it were up to me we would already have those twin beds. I sleep better on my own, so the fewer people in my bed the better. That being said, L did spend sometime there. In those first few weeks I was not capable of getting out of bed every two hours, out of sheer exhaustion. Running around chasing a two year old all day and then feeding every two hours almost got the best of me. At any rate, we had gotten L out of the bed and into a cradle! Hooray for me, I have a 2 1/2 month old that sleeps through the night! (Sorry to rub it in)

Then she rolled over. At first I thought it was awesome. She was going after a shiny robot toy a good friend of mine gave her. She loves it and had to have it, and by god she got it. I immediately called DH and told him the news, his little girl is growing up. I had her perform her new trick when he got home that night, all is well and everyone is happy. Even big sis E is cheering her on.

Midnight "rolls" (sorry, I can't help myself) around and I am startled by a crying baby. Why? Was the whole sleeping-for-six-hours-a-time thing a joke? A mean way for the gods to trick me into thinking I was actually going to get some quality sleep? I would get all nice a comfy with my nighttime routine, and then BAM taken away just as fast as it came.

I head over to her cradle and see she has her poor little face smashed against the sides of the cradle. Gravity is working against her and she cannot get back over on her back. I pull her out and feed her, just for good measure. Back in the cradle she goes. Then 2 a.m.-crying baby-face in the cradle-feed-back to bed. Then 4 a.m., I am sure you get the idea.

Why not just bring her back to bed with me.....I will not admit defeat!

At the 6 a.m. waking it dawns on me, big sis E is at her Nana's house. This entire ridiculous night of waking was all for nothing. There is a perfectly good crib sitting in E's room, nice and comfy, with a warm blanket, and a stationary mattress. Damn, I am an idiot.

Through bleary eyes the next day, DH and I finally got L's crib put together. And that is a story for another day........

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