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green mama

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

"Crayon Cookies"
E loves to color! She calls it "writing", as in iwannawrite. However, seeing as she is two, there are always men down at the end of the coloring session. Small little pieces of broken crayon. It used to frustrate me, I was constanly combing the clearance isles for cheap crayons to replace the never-ending stream of useless ones. Until, I got out my old muffin tin. I save all the little pieces of colored wax and when we have enough (which happens pretty quickly), I put them in the oven on a low setting and wait for them to melt. I usually keep similiar colors together, remove the paper, and now you have little crayon cookies. They are perfect for toddler hands and keep me from having to buy new crayons every week. Works for me!

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Christine @ Serenity How? said...

That's a really good idea! Thanks! :)

The Apron Queen said...

What a cool idea. Thanks for sharing!

I'm giving surfing lessons today. Come see! :D

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

what a great idea... I had actually forgotten that you can do that. I'll be using this tip!

jen said...

Thanks for sharing your tip! I actually did that one year for Valentine's gifts for my daughter's class and attached a tag that said, "You color my world!" but I had forgotten about melting all my leftover broken crayons to give them new life at home! I'm gonna throw a batch in the oven tonight!