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green mama

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One small step

E and I just walked out to the mailbox. It is a decent 60 degrees here, which is a welcome change from the *snow* we got over the weekend. Yes, snow! I am so sick-of-it, all I want to do is get out of this house and play outside with my babies.

At any rate, we went to the mailbox and found it empty! There was not a single piece of junk in there. And thanks to our efforts to also reduce our debt, not a single bill either. The few things that we do still pay every month are put on paperless billing. (This is how I justify the Internet!)

So I feel like we had a small victory today! I gotta celebrate all the little ones!

I just realized, maybe I should go into more detail about how we (I) accomplished this.....

-reduced debt
-the credit cards (two left!) that we do still have send e-mail statements and I pay them on-line
-no car payments, they are both paid off (yeah!)
-home and car insurance is an auto-draft on our checking account. I do receive a statement, but only every 6 months.
-all utilities are paid on-line
-library notices are e-mailed
-we no longer receive all the junk (i.e. coupons for restaurants we don't eat at. coupons for diapers we don't buy. adverts for cars we don't need. applications for credit cards we have vowed not to use. and on and on.) See this post for info on how you can get your name off these lists too.

We shall see what that box holds tomorrow.

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eco 'burban mom said...

Hi Green Mama,

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog - I had to stop by and check out your to do list! I *gasp* found I need to add some more to my To Do list, but I find a few things I have done without thinking about it. Although, I wish eliminate debt was one of them! Hooray for you! Best wishes on your new blog!