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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Here is an interesting development on Bisphenol-A. All the findings and research surfacing is totally creepy. For more on the creepiness, check out the findings by Frederick Vom Saal They have found that the level of harm found in studies of BPA depends on who is funding the study. Shocking that the chemical corporations found no harm in 13 of 27 studies.

We recently attended a talk at the local library by Dr. Matthew Cowan on xenoestrogens, a category that BPA falls into. Xenoestrogens are substances in our daily life that our bodies uptake as estrogen and cause hormonal imbalances. Plastics and pesticides are two widespread, but common sources of xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens act like hormones once they are absorbed through the body.

As frugal as I am, I see replacing my plastic food storage as a necessity. I have already recycled all of my tupperware, either in the conventional way in a recycling bag or for other uses such as organization in other areas of our home. We now keep small items such as crayons or pencils in them, rather than the food that is being contaminated by them. The resin ID Code on the bottom of plastics gives you an idea of the ingredients. (in addition to the recycling implications) Not only should you not eat out of plastics in the #7 catagory, but they also cannot be recycled. Most certainly avoid these types.

1, 2, 4, 5 =Better plastic
3, 6, 7 =Bad plastic
No. 7= Bisphenol A

Take a look in your kitchen, what do you have in there that is poisoning you and your family?

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