green mama

green mama

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Diaper Free

It has been five days since I changed a poopie diaper. I consider that a major accomplishment seeing as I am a mother of two. E is 2 1/2 and L is 3 months. Yes....3 months old. Who would have ever thought?

On Thursday morning I decided that we would try Elimination Communication (ECing for short). I thought all these hippie mothers with their naked babies were crazy....but, lo and behold, the first time I held dear L over that little bowl, she peed!!!

Sucess!! I thought. I couldn't beleive the luck we have had with "catching" those pees (and more importantly poos)

she has gone in a bowl, in our toliet, in my dad's toliet, and next to the parking lot in the park....

Now, there have been the misses. A big streak on the blanket is not a pleasant thing to find. But, I just throw those misses in with her cloth diapers and wash them all together. So far it is working out great. I look forward to more adventures with a diaper free baby. Isn't this summer gonna be fun..............

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