green mama

green mama

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This afternoon E and I spent some time outside playing in the sunshine. It is a beautiful day, and L is sleeping. We picked dandelions (she is my juice powered weed eater!), swung, and walked over to say 'hi' to our neighbor, Larry. Just as we were getting ready to head back in the house, E disappeared for a minute. I didn't think much of it at the time I found her, it was too late.


Inside we go. We hit the bathroom and I yanked off her clothes, "oh my god."
I plop her down on the pot to see if she needs to go anymore. It is a nasty, diarrhea poo. (I took photos, but came to my senses before posting them) So now it is also all over her potty chair, "oh my god" I utter again. After a few minutes of not breathing through my nose, we manage to get cleaned up.

In the rush to get in the house and to the bathroom, we wake up L. Damn. I go in, get her, and feed her. We are all hanging on the living room floor. L is at that stage, she can roll onto her tummy, but not onto her back. It really pisses her off. I usually let her squirm for a few minutes, and start to fuss a bit before flipping her back over. She was up on her hands and tummy looking at the puzzle pieces E was showing her, when BLAHHHH. Projectile vomit right next to E. E looks up at me and in total distress shouts out....

ohmydawd! ohmydawd!

I can't help but chuckle, it could be worse!

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