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green mama

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hardcore Enthusists need not read

Top Ten Things I have done this year to help.....(in no particular order)

(For those of you out there who can do no wrong, remember that I am a SAHM just trying to do the best I can. So, get off my back!)

-quit drinking bottled water

-neither of my children (3 months and 2 yrs.) use disposable diapers (or diapers of any kind, for the most part)

-no longer buy things that I don't need (Granted, this is subject to opinion...maybe I didn't NEED that cool wallet for my BDay. However, it was bought at a small local shop that carries things made by people in my city.....)

-use baking soda for anything and everything(no more plastic bottles and toxic chemicals)

-quit using paper towels, by using old clothing instead

-quit drinking soda

-got cotton bags to use at the grocery store (and actually remember to bring them with me!)

-got on this site to get off the list for credit card offers. (this is also helpful on our way to debt freedom....more about that later)

-further reduced junk mail here

-buy all (yes, ALL) my produce at the Farmer's Market. I plan all my meals for the week from what I find at the Farmer's Market. Find a market near you. (Although, I am putting in my own garden in three weeks. We will have almost everything we need in our own back yard.)

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