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green mama

Friday, April 11, 2008

Rotting out of my head

Some days being a SAHM really sucks. Today, is one of those days.

My two year old, who is potty trained, decided to smack me in the face this morning while we were getting dress and having her morning pee. Okay, I get the picture, she doesn't want/need to pee.
*Time out for smacking mommy in the face.
We go out to the living room so she can watch Elmo while I get breakfast ready. This is our morning routine. Even if I only let her watch a few minutes of it, she is happy and I don't have to hear "Iwannawatelmo" all day.
*Time out for peeing on the couch while watching elmo.
Back out in the living room, we have managed to get through breakfast. She is playing with baby sister and I decide to change the laundry. I head for the laundry room, and my darling daughter follows me. This is fine, I get the clothes out of the wash, and either hang them to dry or hand her the few items that do go into the dryer. Today, however, she wants me to hold her "jui". She refuses to put it on the counter/floor/table and wants me to hold it. We have a bit of a discussion as to why mommy can't hang laundry and hold her juice at the same time. Besides that, why does she need me to hold it anyway? I finally take it from her and set it on the floor, which sends her into space.
*Time out for throwing huge fit and acting insane.

It is now ten a.m.

My employer doesn't even provide dental insurance.

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